Established in 1980 by a group of bikers that had a different view on riding motorcycles. Easily recognized by worn leather jackets, greasy blue jeans, long front forks, noisy bikes and ditto attitude.

Inspired by various cult movies from the USA featuring wild and heavy looking party animals they ran into a group of members of the National Chopper Club, a UK based organization with chapters all over the country, 7 years old at that time. Plans were made to start the first chapter of this club on the continent and Chopper Club Nederland was born.


The CCN immediately profiled itself as a club dedicated to the home build chopper, the parties and, last but not least, the brotherhood. And successful they were. The Chopper show in Beverwijk was THE place to be, the first Saturday in August: it was one of the first annual bike shows, attracting thousands of visitors of all kind and featuring choppers of a quality that was equal to none.


Now, nearly 40 years later, the CCN is a steady factor in the Dutch biking scene. The club has two clubhouses, one in Wezep and one in Zaandam, the place where it all started in 1980.


Ride free, we will meet somewhere, someday.